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About hand-built stoves generally

There is an extra special variety of stoves on the market nowadays. So it is also extra difficult to choose of them. The following guide can help you to choose the most suitable stove.

Points of views:

What do you want to use for heating: wood, carbon-heat or co-firing?
How often do you want to use your stove: regularly or occasionally?
What size is the airspace you want to heat?
What amount can you spend for the stove?
Is combustion air available?

The benefits of hand-built stoves:

Better efficiency: opposite the iron stoves availables in the stores, an average tiled stove, brick-stove even more a mass-stove has a much better efficiancy.
Better capacity of heat storing: an average tiled stove weights 1-1,5 tons, so if this weight is heated, it will go cold essentially slower than an iron stove from the store. So the efficacy and economy of a hand-built stove are much better than a stove that does not have mass for heat-storage. Mass-stoves can weight 3-7 tons, this mass for heat-storage allows consistent heat dissipation, so they are even more effective than old-fashioned tiled stoves.

The absolute classics of heating: tiled stoves

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